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We are a Barcelona-based law firm run by a team of professionals specialised in all aspects of family law matters. We offer expert advice on divorce, separation, child custody and on any family issue that involves national or international laws and procedures.

LAWFAM has established a long-standing reputation for quality, integrity and personal service. With the emphasis on teamwork, the skills and talents of our lawyers complement each other enabling us to provide efficient legal services.

Our team consists of certified lawyers specialised in family law, and includes inheritance lawyers, matrimonial lawyers, divorce lawyers, as well as family, criminal, clinical psychology and forensic experts. We also work closely with an actively involved team of international collaborators specialised in the field.

We are expert international divorce lawyers given the growing number of mixed families as a result of worldwide globalisation. Our team of committed professionals provides you with technical advice in those situations of complex international disputes that require an expert in the field who is proficient in several languages to ensure fluent and effective communication.

We are thorough, fast and efficient when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs. We make our clients our top priority and are thankful for the trust they place in us. We help them and remind them of their rights and equality before the Law.

Contact LAWFAM LAWYERS and we will work hard to exceed your expectations. We will listen to you, provide you with sound legal advice and guide you through the legal and emotional issues involved in this difficult time.


divorce lawyer barcelona

Divorce Lawyer Barcelona

  • Divorce, separation and annulment
  • Marriage annulment
  • Prenuptial and marital agreements
  •  Liquidation and modification of matrimonial property regime
  • Tax advice regarding family assets
  • Guardianship and custody
  • Alimony and spousal/ child support
  •  Attribution of the use of the marital home
  • Non-compliance and judgment enforcement
  • Modification of measures
family lawyers

Family Lawyers in Barcelona

  • Adoption proceedings
  • Incapacitation
  • Guardianship, curatorship and assistance
  • Extending parenting capacity
  • Legal protection of incapacitated people
  • Protected assets
  • Paternity claims and filiation
  • Denial of paternity
  • Disputes regarding exerting parental responsibility
  • Domestic violence
international divorce lawyers

International Divorce Lawyers

  • International divorce or separation
  • Parental responsibility
  • Alimony obligations
  • Paternity or filiation claims/ complaints/ denial
  • Prenuptial and marital agreements
  • Property consequences
  • Economic regimes
  • International child abduction
  • Recognition of foreign court judgments (Exequatur)
  • Marriage dossier preparation
succession lawyers

Wills and Succession Lawyers

  • Wills
  • Reading of wills
  • Will contest
  • Acceptance of inheritance
  • Reserved portion
  • Payment of reserved portion
  • Claims and disinheritance
  • Taxes
  • Inheritance judicial proceedings


We prioritise resolving disputes by negotiating and go to great lengths to provide
solutions aimed at reaching satisfactory agreements. In cases where litigation is
inevitable, we tailor efficient strategic legal plans to obtain the best results


LAWFAM comprises highly-trained professionals who strive to provide
impeccable services. We have vast experience in resolving issues through
negotiating and handling court cases both nationally and internationally


We take the time required to understand the needs of our clients and give them the
attention they deserve. We use effective organisation and coordination methods
for the benefit of our clients. We strive for excellence providing the best legal
advice and service to our clients



We are based in Barcelona and also work closely with a network of international
collaborators to offer our clients a full range of expertise. No matter where you
are, we can help. We maintain direct contact with our clients at all times and offer
them the latest communication technology

Family Lawyers in Barcelona

Our family law experts aim to help you manage your legal issues and work hard to minimise the emotional damage family conflict can create. At our office in Barcelona we listen to your needs. We understand that no two cases are the same and therefore provide personalised attention.

We believe in client relationships that are built on trust and confidence. Whichever professional service you require, our lawyers make time for you and will personally address your family law concerns. Our dedicated team of lawyers will be there for you at all times, guiding you through every step of the process, working diligently and fast to obtain the best result possible. Our knowledge and experience in the areas of family law have taught us each case is different and that is why at LAWFAM we offer our clients personalised legal advice. We provide you with the personal attention you deserve.

Are you going through any of the situations set out below? Contact us today


Our professional team has a proven track record of successful case outcomes, which allows us to offer innovative and creative solutions to our clients’ family issues. We deal with different types of cases involving families every day. We have a team of competent and experienced family lawyers as well as experts in criminal and psychological issues that may derive from family law disputes. At LAWFAM our goal is to ensure the wellbeing of children involved in divorce or custody proceedings.


  • Do you have children and are about to divorce or separate? At LAWFAM our goal is to find harmonious solutions that ensure the wellbeing of children involved in family disputes. If you are about to separate or divorce, we can help you both in cases of negotiated settlement out-of-court and cases that require litigation in court.
  • What is the amount of alimony to pay? In general, lawyers can calculate and give you an approximate calculation of the amount of alimony to be paid. We will inform you of the concepts involved and what is established by law with respect to the financial means of the people compelled to pay.
  • What to do if your ex does not pay alimony? A judgment can be enforced if an ex-spouse fails to pay alimony. A clear distinction has to be made between concepts of ordinary and extraordinary expenses. We make sure our clients are well informed of the entire process.
  • What if I cannot pay alimony? Unfortunately, changes in employment circumstances may lead to financial problems. In that case, contact a lawyer to request the court for an alimony modification so as not to disregard the obligation of providing financial support to your children and ex-spouse.
  • Have your circumstances changed with respect to the obligations provided for by the court order and you do not know what to do? The law provides for certain requisites that are necessary to recognise a change in circumstances. We can advise you so you can request a new court order that modifies your existing order.
  • What can I do in the case of child neglect or a risk situation for a child? When children lack protection, immediate administrative and/ or legal action is required, regardless of which side you are on.
  • Do you disagree with your spouse on important decisions regarding your children? We evaluate each specific situation and more particularly the controversy about parental responsibility and analyse whether it is necessary to go to court or not. We always encourage negotiating a settlement out of court.
  • Are you victim of domestic violence and you do not know how to legally deal with it? Abuse in the family environment requires specialised legal representation that addresses each of the needs and protocols in the field of family violence. We will listen to you and help you walk through every step of this difficult process.

How can we help you with your family law issues?


Many of our clients do not have in-depth knowledge of the legal services a family law firm can offer. As legal advisors in this delicate area, we can help you in all family issues that require mediation, negotiation or litigation such as:

  • National adoption proceedings. We inform you and offer you advice regarding the entire adoption process, from filing an application for adoption with the Catalan Institute for Fostering and Adoption to obtaining the adoption decree. Any adoption process requires a period of bonding and a pre-adoption fostering court decision in addition to an exhaustive follow-up.
  • International adoption proceedings. With regard to international adoption, and more particularly those cases that require converting simple adoption into full adoption, we will be delighted to offer you advice and guide you throughout the process. We can also refer you to an accredited collaborative entity with international adoption that collaborates with LAWFAM.
  • Legal incapacity proceedings. We offer insightful advice to those people who have decided to start incapacitation proceedings. Both guardianship and curatorship exist in the Spanish legal system. A guardian or an administrator (in the case of curatorship) is appointed to defend the rights and interests of the legally incapacitated person. A defensor judicial, someone who legally defends incapacitated people, may be appointed when guardians or curators see to their own interests more than to those of the incapacitated person. The legal concept of assistance exists in Catalan law but not in the Spanish legal system.
  • Extending parenting capacity. There are people who, due to circumstances that prevent them from acting consciously and freely, are limited in their ability to act, and must be protected from possible abuse because of their lack of judgment capacity. Our team of professionals will advise you on the particularities of guardianship and curatorship to help you find the best option for you.
  • Asset protection. Legal concepts exist regarding assets for people with disabilities such as asset protection, which is compatible with inheritance and provides tax advantages both for the person that gives and for the beneficiary. Do not hesitate to ask us about this process which ensures a framework of financial protection for your loved one.
  • Denial of paternity or maternity. Denial of paternity or maternity is possible both in married and de facto couples. The presumed father or mother who has parental responsibility, or even the child, may claim no biological connection exists. The law provides specific deadlines to perform these legal actions. At LAWFAM, we can help and guide you through this delicate process.


Why choose us?


At LAWFAM we are dedicated to you. We take pride in the services we provide. You will receive personal attention and one-to-one advice. You will work with a team of experienced lawyers. You will always receive honest advice about your options. You will benefit from up-to-date technology and experts whenever necessary.

As specialists in family law, we understand the sensitive nature of the problems that arise in family relationships. We are committed to providing you with the personal attention you deserve. We prioritise resolving disputes by negotiating and try to find solutions aimed at reaching satisfactory agreements. If litigation is inevitable, we tailor efficient strategic legal plans to obtain the best results. Whether you are looking for an experienced marriage lawyer or a criminal lawyer specialised in domestic violence or any other issue derived from family law, we invite you to contact us. We work with forensic psychopathology experts that help us in those cases where families require their help. If you live abroad, we work closely with a network of international collaborators to offer our clients a full range of expertise. No matter where you are, we can help.

Our sole focus is Family law


As family lawyers, we are aware of the delicate nature of family law issues. We therefore always offer advice giving priority to your happiness and the wellbeing of your children.

Let us provide the legal help you need to succeed


Our fundamental purpose stems from the belief that all people have to right to the best possible legal defence. If you have any problem that requires the legal services of a family law firm in Barcelona, come and meet us.


Our track record

We have long-standing professional experience and are exclusively dedicated to
the practice of Family Law

Our strategy

We develop strategic plans so as to reach the best outcome possible

Specialised lawyers

We perform a detailed analysis of your case to provide effective, caring counsel

Measure of our success

We strongly defend our clients’ interests as the sole measure of our success is
client satisfaction


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