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Wills and Succession Lawyers


Have you lost a loved one and need legal advice on inheritance and wills? Let our team of lawyers specialised in wills and succession guide you. This is a very difficult time in which you need expert advice to avoid making the wrong decisions.

Whether you are looking for a lawyer to name an executor or to draw up your will, contact us. We will carefully study your case and offer personalised legal counsel. We will inform you of the numerous aspects involved to be considered to avoid future problems.

Disputes over a deceased person’s estate are unpleasant but sadly they do happen. Our highly trained team will offer you the necessary legal advice to contest a will. The relationship you may have with the other parties involved can turn this kind of dispute into an emotionally draining process. It is crucial to remain calm and to be personally supported by an expert. As an outsider, your lawyer can be more objective about your case than you.

Are you going through any of the situations set out below?


Many of the clients that walk into our office have issues related to acceptance of inheritance. Experience has taught us that each case is unique and that of all cases death is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. Whatever the nature of your case, we are here to help you back on track.

Did one of your relatives pass away unexpectedly without leaving a will? This common situation generates a lot of confusion. Different procedures exist for relatives to claim the inheritance of a deceased person. We will study your position according to the rules of intestacy and will help you make a claim.

Would you like to draw up your will but do not know where to start? To think about one’s own death is not something we have been taught. Thinking about our will may at first seem unpleasant. However, drawing up a will is something we should all do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We can help you draft your will to ensure your wishes are represented accurately and handle the bureaucratic aspects involved.

Do you want to claim an inheritance? Let us help you through the legal process. We always encourage negotiating an amicable agreement out of court. If litigation is required, we will protect and defend your best interests in court.

Why turn to LAWFAM?


Our team of lawyers specialised in wills and succession has long-standing experience in this branch of the law and they can help you decide the best route for the future.


  • Wills. We will help you draft your will focusing on the specific clauses to use as a testator. We will provide the necessary legal aid but there are certain decisions a lawyer cannot make for you.
  • Reading of a will. Contact us if you have any doubts about the documents required or if you are thinking of hiring the services of a lawyer.
  • Will contests. Contesting a will requires strategic advice of a specialised lawyer who will help you gather all the necessary information to guide you through this difficult process.
  • Declaration of heirship. This process consists in determining those people that will be called to inherit. We can offer you all the necessary information.
  • Acceptance of inheritance. This may seem to be an easy and fast procedure. However, different legal aspects need to be considered to protect your legal and financial interests.
  • Claim and/ or payment of reserved portion. The right to claim the reserved portion as well as its payment are inheritance issues we often deal with at LAWFAM.
  • Claims and disinheritance of reserved portion. Complex legal aspects are involved in abovementioned legal issues. Ask us for help as you will require indepth knowledge of the laws of the autonomous community in question as well as state law.
  • Taxes. Clients are often unfamiliar with the amount of money that needs to be paid as the beneficiaries of an inheritance. We will give you the necessary indications for your specific case.
  • Inheritance judicial proceedings. Going to court is undoubtedly not the best option. However, as these disputes often involve sensible legal issues, litigation may be the only option. If litigation is required, we will protect and defend your best interests in court.

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We are highly trained and have experience in the different areas related to inheritance and succession rights. We work closely with a network of international collaborators to offer our clients a full range of expertise. No matter where you are, we can help. Our team also consists of experts in clinical and forensic psychology. This allows us to provide coordinated legal services to global issues, something very few law firms can offer.

We can help you with inheritance issues


At LAWFAM, we work hard to minimise the financial and emotional damage inheritance issues may create and fight to avoid costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. We are dedicated to helping you move forward.

Let us provide the legal help you need to succeed


Our team of lawyers specialised in wills and inheritance will advise you and guide you through this delicate process. We stand by your side and support you as we know it may be hard for you to talk about inheritance issues. We will work with you to determine the best course of action. Your wellbeing is our first priority.


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